Is Carpool a Good Idea for You? Share Your Car and Make Money

17 Jun, 2023 - Written by Aplify

Is Carpool a Good Idea for You? Share Your Car and Make Money

No wonder, carpool is a term you keep hearing nowadays. With the rising traffic congestion, pollution, and petrol costs, these days even companies are asking their employees to look into carpooling. But is this something you should do?

If you are in a dilemma about whether to use a good carpool app in India or not, let us attempt to clear your confusion once and for all through this post.

What Is Carpooling?

When you share your car with others instead of driving alone, it is called carpooling. So, a carpool helps reduce the number of cars plying on the road. Hence, there will be less traffic and not many automobiles hogging the lanes.

Besides, the emissions from vehicles also decrease because of the lower count of cars. Therefore, air pollution will lessen. Additionally, the honking at signals and high decibels will come down, making for a reduction in sound pollution.

In our national capital Delhi, one of the global cities with the highest levels of air pollution, the odd-even rule was first implemented in 2016. That means odd-numbered vehicles plied on roads on odd days of the month and vice versa. Leaders and experts also suggested carpooling to curb pollution. Sources report that air particulate matter is reduced because of these efforts. 

These are some of the topmost reasons for the success of the best carpool apps in several countries.

Should Your Carpool?

Now you know that it makes sense to use carpool services in general, but is it good for you?

Well, it depends on your answers to these questions:

  • Do you like fewer traffic jams and want to decrease your commute times?
  • Does saving money on fuel costs seem like an advantage?
  • Should you have good company while going to work or be on the road all alone?
  • Are you interested in contributing to our planet’s safety?

If your answer is “yes” to at least one of the above questions, you must use the best carpool app in metro cities.


Using the best carpool app can be beneficial to one and all:

For Riders

If you live in places like Mumbai, you may be taking an auto or cab, a local train, and a bus before reaching your office. There is no need to explain how crowded Mumbai local trains are – you don’t even walk; people push you into the train. 

When you book a carpool ride, you split the payment with other passengers and can get discounted fares, which are far lower than if you take an auto or cab for yourself. With a carpool app in Mumbai, you cut down the travel time and get a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. You can also schedule rides for later.

For car owners

Driving daily for around an hour or more in traffic, heat, and noise levels can be taxing. Upon that, if you ride solo, boredom can consume you. Listing your vehicle on a carpooling app in India will ensure that you can connect with like-minded people travelling in the same direction as your office. 

Day by day, fuel prices keep rising, owing to global markets and international issues like trade or war between countries. Especially for middle-class people, it can be difficult to maintain a car with such costs; however, it is a necessity.

In such cases, if you share your car, you can cover the fuel costs for a major part with your earnings in the form of travel expenses from the riders. Even a small amount can go a long way when you consider the big picture. 

Is Carpooling Safe in India?

There is no simple answer to this. Although carpooling is not a new concept, many improvements have to be done in terms of the security of the users.

For instance, live tracking is one feature that can ensure the whereabouts of the ride takers to their families, and help riders schedule a carpool at the right time. 

Next, user verification done through any government-issued ID like PAN or AADHAR card can help maintain authenticity.

Aplify is one such carpooling app in India that has these above two requisites. It offers a secure commuting option for all and helps keep your stress levels in control. 

No matter which best carpool app in metro cities you are using, it is advisable to check the driver’s documents before boarding the car. They should hold a valid car insurance policy, relevant papers like the PUC certificate, and a driving license. It is crucial to not reveal your personal data to unknown persons, even if you travel with them regularly. 

As a car owner, you should not cram people into the vehicle, but maintain a limit on how many passengers you can have. Aplify app allows users to book according to the number of seats available.

Download Aplify Now!

Aplify is the best carpooling app you can get. It is the best app for Defence persons, with an exclusive segment called “The Armed Forces.” Members can connect within the community, book rides, make deals, buy, sell, rent, post jobs, bid online, and more. 

If you don’t wish to drive every day but want to make money other than on a carpool, list it on the self-drive car rental. Instead of leaving your vehicle idle in the garage, share your car with other users and make money while avoiding the hassle of driving. 

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