How to Schedule your Ride on Aplify in Advance?

22 Jul, 2022 - Written by Aplify

How to Schedule your Ride on Aplify in Advance?

In post-pandemic times, carpooling has countlessly proven its utility as an economical solution in India. It offers multiple benefits, such as cost-effective traveling, minimizing traffic, managing the carbon footprint, saving fuel costs, and assuring an overall feasible and enjoyable journey.

Do you wish to plan your journey with a cost-friendly ride? Use Aplify as your one-stop solution for all your pooling requirements!

Here is our curated guide on how to use the carpool feature and avail of its benefits—

How to search for Carpools?

We have given utmost priority to ease of navigation for our end-users. Making an account will open you up to the carpool feature, where you can easily filter out the ideal routes for your destination. Scheduling a ride in advance is also easy.

What does Aplify Offer?
  • You can book a pool for your friends and family.
  • Our app facilitates a secure transaction and promotes payment after the completion of the pool ride.
  • The author/creator of the pool has the option to approve or reject the carpool offers.
  • The ‘Chat’ option helps you to connect with the author to clarify doubts.
  • It gives you the option to withdraw the pool request even after the approval, provided that you cancel it on time.
  • This feature also makes KYC mandatory to ensure verified members.
  • We don’t limit this feature to only four-wheelers and encourage two-wheeler users to promote this culture.

In a nutshell, Aplify strives to build a network of the environmental-friendly transportation that can save your time and fuel costs. It also promotes strict adherence to hygiene norms and thus lets you build connections with people without the stress of crowded transportation.

How to Schedule Rides for Later?

Aplify strives to be the best-in-class platform. It shows you all the available carpools in your location to choose from. You can also set your destination and filter out your routes for the travel to scope out your favored rides.

It also offers you two categories to set the date of your pool, i.e., ‘Ongoing’ (for rides booked for the same date) and ‘Upcoming’ (for rides booked for other dates). The ‘Upcoming’ category is built for scheduling a ride in advance. With this feature, we intend to promote ease of use to extend our nationwide reach, giving you the freedom to explore the beautiful sights and culture of our country.

What if the Ride doesn’t Show up?

Aplify schedule a ride not showing up?It is a possibility that Aplify may schedule a pool that does not show up for the user. In this case, we are always here to resolve all your issues. Submit your queries in the Support section, or mail us at info@aplify.in.

Download Aplify to schedule your carpool and make your travel comfortable and fun!

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