Living In Delhi NCR? Here's How to Book Safe Cab Services Near Me

19 Aug, 2023 - Written by Aplify

Living In Delhi NCR? Here's How to Book Safe Cab Services Near Me

Searching every day for cab services near me can be a huge task. Particularly if you live in the Delhi NCR. Either the cab fare is too high or there are no taxis when you need them. Many times, the cabwaala downright refuses the booking or cancels once it is done.

These are some of the many plights of employees, students, and regular citizens in the National Capital Region.

With so many developmental activities going on in the area, infrastructure, opportunities, and a high standard of living, there is a lot of domestic migration from other parts of the country. No wonder it is difficult to book cab services in Delhi NCR, Gurugram, Noida.

Daily Commute

In places like Mumbai, local rides via trains are common because of the heavy traffic and long distances from home. 

Whether it is going to work or college, most youngsters prefer local trains. Although Delhi NCR is also populated and has metro transport, employees prefer taxi services for the level of comfort they offer. 

It is the same case in Gurugram and Noida, where the roads are well built, but corporate spaces are in special zones of the city, making it crucial for you to use cab services near me.


Whatever free time people get in such a hectic life, they utilise it to go sightseeing and holiday with family. Over the weekends, it is wise to book outstation rides instead of driving a vehicle themselves. 

Situations like those call for safe cab services from a trustworthy provider. But again, there is the question of pricing – most companies advertise cabs at best prices but rarely do so. 

Even if they are the lowest, you would not have the option to choose the fare or hourly package per your requirements. 

What Is the Solution Then?

Before talking about the best solution, let us address the main issues with existing top taxi services near me

Unknown People

Popular cab services in Delhi NCR may offer speedy bookings, discounts, coupons, etc. 

But the one thing these ride-share providers have in common is that your co-passengers will be random people. So, think about whether they are really safe cab services.

There is no to verify who will travel with you. This is where a platform with KYC-verified members can be helpful. Especially if you are booking the outstation rides for others, like, elders, children, or women with luggage. 


When there is a different cabbie every day when you book cab services near me, it defeats the purpose of safety and comfort, doesn’t it? 

Here comes the subject of scheduling your rides. If you are regularly going in the same route and at almost the same time, there has to be a way to book local rides in advance. 

Agreed, your office may provide shuttles for their workgroup, but you are now interested in a private car/cab only. Besides, it is understandable to want some familiarity with your co-riders or drivers. 

Keeping these points in mind, it is important to find an interface that lets you book rides with vetted drivers and passengers. In addition, advance booking of rides should be a breeze.

Aplify: India’s Best App to Book Cab Services Near Me

Be it Delhi NCR or anywhere else in India, Aplify is the best app for taxi services.

The salient features of Aplify, which are mentioned above:

KYC Verification: Safety and transparency are at the core of Aplify’s values. 

Ride Scheduling: Book your ride in advance and reach the destination on time.

More than anything, Aplifyapp is not merely a provider of cabs at best prices.

If you own a vehicle but don’t like driving alone, you can list the car on Aplify. Instead of spending money on cab services near me, you can earn extra income by offering the vehicle on carpool. Also, the company will keep you occupied. 

You can book carpool rides with your coworkers, neighbours, or people in your society. If more than one person is going in the same direction, it can cut fuel costs and save money as the fares are lesser than standard cab rates.

Bond with like-minded members by connecting with them on Aplify’s chat feature and ride only with KYC-vetted users. You can also form a regular carpool group with people who got familiar. You can accept or book rides instantly or schedule them for a later time. 

What Makes Aplify Special?

Apart from facilitating safe cab services in Delhi NCR, Gurugram, Noida, and all over India, Aplify also has a self-drive car category. Meaning, you can book outstation rides from verified car owners to take your family or work trip at your pace. 

Amenities on Aplify other than car rentals are:

  • Online auctions 
  • Business listings
  • Property rentals
  • Job postings
  • Second-hand sales, etc.

All of this at zero cost! 

The USP of Aplify is the exclusive module for Defence persons. The Armed Forces community is dedicated to Army, Navy, Air Force, paramilitary forces, and Agniveers. Whether you are a veteran or actively engaged, Aplify’s special feature lets you and your family connect and make deals within the community. 

So, grab the phone and download Aplify app now.

Start finding cab services near me.

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