How Can I Sell My Electronic Product Fast?

15 Feb, 2023 - Written by Aplify

How Can I Sell My Electronic Product Fast?

Are you a smartphone user who asks, “how can I sell my product faster?” 

You may already know that one of the best things about modern technology is it brings the world to your palms. So, when selling your electronic product, you should pick an app that gives you a broader reach, perhaps all over India. Example: Aplify app.

Read on to know how to sell on Aplify to get the most exposure across the country and the additional benefits it offers.

First Things First

Instead of worrying about, “what website can I sell electronics?” take the necessary measures to attract good offers.

1.     Be Focused

Whether you sell your old camera or laptop, or have a second-hand business and want buyers for used items, be specific in your ad. 

Choose the right category for your electronic gadgets and set your price for a particular piece. This step addresses the doubt of “how can I sell my product faster?”

For instance, these are some of the categories available on Aplify:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers/Laptops
  • Mobile Accessories
  • TVs
  • ACs/Coolers
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Washing Machines, etc.

2.     Add a Description

Just as you are Googling “how do I sell my second-hand electronic product”, there will be buyers who want old items like fridges, audio/video devices, power banks, etc. And they have preferences like the age of the product, warranty, colour, and others. 

When they have a detailed description, you are more likely to get better offers.

3.     Publish Maximum Images

What app can I sell used electronic product? 

No matter what platform you choose, you must showcase your goods positively. Online purchases depend on visual appeal; so, post beautiful pictures of the product. 

Be generous – if the app says a maximum of 5 photos, make sure to get up to 5 clear and non-blurry pics in good angles.

4.     Mention the Location

If you research “how can I sell my product faster?” and don’t mention where an item is available, it won’t be profitable. Although you want to target all Indians, most people want sellers in their nearby areas. 

Or, if someone is moving to a new place, they may purchase things in advance, before they relocate. Hence, add your location to make this process easier for you and potential buyers. 

How Can I Sell My Product Faster on Aplify?

Here are some simple steps to help you:

Sign Up

Register on the app with your phone number. Sign up under the “Armed Forces” option for current and retired military and paramilitary staff. Family members of Defence personnel can also use this feature. Everyone else can join the app under the “Others” option.

Post an Ad

Follow the above steps and start selling your electronics, and fast. You can also create a bid and invite offers with a higher price through online auctions. 

Verify Your Identity

Aplify app encourages KYC verification of users, although it is not mandatory. With authenticity-vetted accounts, transactions remain fair, secure, and transparent. 

What are you waiting for? Stop thinking about how can I sell my product faster? Start selling your old electronic items at the best prices on Aplify.


  • Free ads
  • Unlimited access
  • Bids
  • Pan-India reach 

Download the Android and iOS app now!

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