How to Buy Second Hand Car in India?

17 Mar, 2023 - Written by Aplify

How to Buy Second Hand Car in India?

Looking for a second-hand car buying guide in India? Well, you are in luck because, at Aplify, we have compiled a comprehensive checklist of the things you must consider.

You can use these tips when browsing used cars online. 

But first, let us clear some of the common doubts buyers may have.

Is It Worth It to Buy a Used Car Online?

Whether you buy second-hand cars in Noida, Delhi, or nearby areas, it is crucial to choose the best platform. Many online car dealers levy hidden charges, which you may not know until the time you make the payment. 

Also, for a used car in Noida/ Delhi/ NCR under 3 lakhs, there may be some repair needed, based on the condition of the vehicle. You cannot spot them unless you see it with your own eyes and check it intensively. 

Hence, meeting the seller before finalising the deal remains on top of this second-hand car buying guide in India

Enter Aplify, a mobile app that offers ultimate security to the users, convenience, and free lifetime access. 

Why Aplify?

Aplify is unique because of these features:

Easy App Navigation: Anyone can use Aplify, even those with minimum tech knowledge.  

In-App Chat: You can speak to potential sellers and discuss the vehicle history and inspect it inside and out.

After-Deal Cash Payment: Aplify protects user data; at the same time, it is advisable to pay after receiving the physical goods. So, the interface recommends cash payments.

Keeping these points in mind, we can agree that Aplify combines a wide range of additional purposes while you try to buy second-hand cars in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, and the surroundings. Besides, Aplify is available across the whole country.

In summary, this second-hand car buying guide in India emphasises using a trustworthy and secure app like Aplify. 

Unbiased Second-Hand Car Buying Guide In India

If you read the above and feel like Aplify is the best app yet, you are absolutely right. However, we also suggest you try and find if any other app provides users with the same or more aspects. We guarantee you will come up short!

Here are the steps on how to find the best second-hand automatic cars or manual ones:

Plan the Budget

If you want to buy a used car in Noida/ Delhi/ NCR under 3 lakhs, make sure you plan to stay within this budget. You may need to undergo some repair or upgrading work, and you should plan accordingly.

Choose the Car

Family car, sedan, hatchback, SUV, petrol, diesel, CNG, electric, or hybrid - these are some of the common types of used cars that go for sale. Each person’s needs vary from another, and our second-hand car buying guide in India advises buyers to select what suits their needs and start looking.

Explore Options

You have different choices like the manufacturer, model, year of making, distance travelled, colour, and variants. Questions like whether the owner is the seller or it is from a dealership or broker also matter. 

Verify Documents

Contact the seller, request for a meeting, and ask to inspect the vehicle. Verify all the documents, such as vehicle history, service bills, registration, PUC, warranty, insurance, and more.

Just Aplify

With Aplify app, you have two more benefits:

KYC Verification of Users

Dealing with vetted members will eliminate the chances of spam and phishing. Sort through the filters to see verified ads and avoid scammers. 

Exclusive Community for the Armed Forces

Defence personnel, retired and serving, and their families can mingle within the community through a dedicated segment. They can avail of special offers, too. 

We hope our second-hand car buying guide in India has helped you get some clarity. Download Aplify now to start browsing your favourite makes and models of four-wheelers in your price range.

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