Why Do You Need to Advertise on Free Business Listing Sites?

22 Jul, 2023 - Written by Aplify

Why Do You Need to Advertise on Free Business Listing Sites?

In recent times,  business listing sites have become the go-to solutions for organisations of all sizes. Small, medium, or large enterprises – no matter the scale, need brand exposure. It is possible with marketing and advertisements.

Particularly for small businesses and home-based ventures, it is important to stay within the budget. But how do you make sure that you increase revenue with minimum investment in advertising?&nbsp

Simple; post an ad on free business listing sites in 2023. It doesn’t cost a buck and gives you good reach among customers from all over India.

Here are some things to know:

What Does Business Listing Mean?

A business listing is all the information that customers need to know about your venture. 

It includes your store or service name, location, complete address, contact details like phone number, email id, toll-free number of customer support, brand logo, and registration information. 

Some business listing services also require you to add a map so that people can get directions to reach you. This step will increase business visibility locally.

You can also mention the office hours and the periods when they can contact your customer service and sales departments. If you have branches in more than one area, it is better to add all the places on the business listing sites.

Why Use a Website to Add Your Business Address?

In earlier times when the internet wasn’t available, people used to have yellow pages or looked at the phone directory to find the services they needed.

But now, everything has gone digital. Free local business listing sites are a huge part of online marketing plans in this day and age.

You may notice that almost everyone around you is using a smartphone. They shop online, watch movies, try Google or Apple Maps to find the best route to go somewhere or use mobile apps to learn a course or language.

Likewise, top business listing websites in India help you generate sales leads

Not All Websites Are the Same

One thing to remember is that all the business listing services you come across don’t give you the same results. 

The main purpose of creating a listing is to increase the number of customers or clients that visit your business. It is possible with enhanced brand awareness. That means, more people have to know about your company or service. 

Here comes the problem. 

Local vs National

Some free local business listing sites are perfect for reaching the target market in nearby areas but may not be suitable for you.

What if you offer pan-India services like vacation packages? You are likely to shuffle between various parts of the country. Meaning, your advertising needs must cover as many cities as possible. 

So, the platform has to increase business visibility locally, while reaching every corner of the nation.

Ease of Use

Most business listing sites we see are confusing in design and features. There will be no clear view of all the categories or the layout is random. Going from one section to another can be quite a task.

Hence, what the app or website needs is a simple yet attractive design, easy navigation, and good visuals. This way, it will be easy to use even for someone who isn’t very tech-savvy. 

Where to Add Your Business Listing?

Google is perhaps the highest-ranking website service when it comes to listing a business or searching for a product. However, because of various reasons, people prefer other apps or sites for multiple purposes. 

For instance, Aplify is a mobile interface that covers the factors given in the previous segment. Aplify app has an enticing design with clear visuals to take you where you want.

Using Aplify, you get all-India exposure when you use Aplify. This benefit comes in handy when you have more than one branch for your business or you offer services in the entire country. 

All types of businesses can place a free ad on Aplify, such as:

  • Beauty parlours
  • Furniture shops
  • Real estate
  • Tours and travels
  • Self drive cars
  • Movers & packers
  • Car repair/auto shop, etc.

The app is also gaining smoothly in the number of registrations. The reason behind this increase is that Aplify is one of the best free business listing sites in 2023. There are no hidden charges to use the platform, and you will have lifetime access to all the features. 

Creating a Business Listing

Like most top business listing websites in India, Aplify needs you to become a registered member. But joining Aplify is free of cost, and it will remain the same. 

The Aplify sign up procedure is mentioned here:

Signing Up

  1. Download Aplify app for Android or iOS devices.
  2. Sign up to register your account.
  3. Choose the community 
  • Armed Forces for Defence people 
  • Others for civilian users
  1. Enter your mobile number or email address, as asked.
  2. You will receive an OTP on your email or phone.
  3. Enter the OTP

Your account is now created on one of the top 10 business listing platforms.

Posting Your Ad

  1. Login and choose “post” at the bottom of the app.
  2. Click “post an ad” you see in the pop-up.
  3. Tap “services” from the options.
  4. Select the category type, such as salon, consultancy, bike repair, others, etc.
  5. Mention the details in the fields, like, cost, company name, location, and more.
  6. Mention a brief description and add clear photos.
  7. Post the ad 

In no time, you will get enquiries and orders.

Why Is Aplify the Best Among Indian Business Listing Sites?

Two things set Aplify apart from other websites. One is the exclusive module for Defence people and families, called Armed Forces, which we covered in the sign-up section. Next is the KYC verification of members, which ensures that your business can generate sales leads from genuine clients.

Aplify covers other categories like carpooling, self-drive car rental, online auctions, second-hand sales, property sale and purchase, job posting, and many more. In short, you will get a single digital solution for all your needs.

So, why wait? Download Aplify, the rising star among India’s business listing sites today!



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