How to Use Aplify for the First Time?

21 Jul, 2022 - Written by Aplify

How to Use Aplify for the First Time?

Aplify aims to be the ideal destination for securing your B2C and C2C transactions. It is designed and customized for finding and enabling optimal solutions to your daily needs. 

We believe in creating a user-friendly interface that is customized for people's convenience. Keeping this in mind, we have created this easy guide for your understanding. We strive to provide you with best-in-class services and thus avail you of all the necessary steps that you need to take to use our platform for the first time.

How do you Access Aplify as a User?

Creating an account on our app is a quick, simple, and unrestrictive process. It only demands your necessary details to establish your authenticated identity as a member of our platform. 

  • Sign up:  All you need is to fill in your name as per your valid ID proof, email ID, mobile number, community (Armed forces or Others), password and referral code. 
  • OTP Verification: Once you fill in these details, you will get an OTP on your email id. You need to verify your email id and now you are all set to use Aplify.
  • KYC Verification: After account creation, you need to get KYC verification done. The option is available under the profile menu. KYC verification process as we endeavor to create an ideal platform for utmost secure and comfortable transactions.
  • Password Reset:With the influx of digitalized online marketplace, keeping track of your passwords can be difficult. Aplify smoothens out this crease by giving you an option to reset your password at any given time with a few simple clicks!
  • Sign In: Once you sign up, you can sign in to the app and use it as per your need.

What you can do on Aplify?

We prioritize the requirements of our users to the highest pedestal, thereby providing you with a one-stop solution using—

  • E-classifieds - this feature enables you to post and view ads to buy and sell various products and services with minimum hassle. And yes, our introductory offer ensures that you explore this feature with unlimited transactions, all FREE of cost!
  • Bid - it is also possible to auction your stuff off our platform. You can not only attract the best deals and quotes on your products but also bid your deal with safety and convenience.
  • Carpooling - our platform has molded the digital pipedream into reality with this time and money-saving feature. This dual quality assures you of hygiene protocols and helps you build connections for your journeys!

These features are crafted to fulfill your daily necessities. Download Aplify to further explore our categories for the best experience.

How do I reach Aplify?

Our customer service relies on your valuable input to customize our platform for optimum performance. In case you have any input or have query, you can contact us through the Help and Support option to address your problems.

How do I reach Aplify Without the App?

We firmly believe in catering to all the support our users need in every possible way. You can also approach us via mail (info@aplify.in) or any of our social media handles (IGTwitter, FB, etc) to resolve your doubts.

Aplify doesn’t stop here. Download it here and check out our unique community ‘Armed Forces’, a feature dedicated to defence personnel and their families.

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