What Old Stuff to Get Rid of on the Best Platform to Sell Used Items?

03 Jun, 2023 - Written by Aplify

What Old Stuff to Get Rid of on the Best Platform to Sell Used Items?

Advertising to the whole of India about your old products on the best platform to sell used items is a good idea. The reason is that online options to sell items and make money save time and are the most convenient means. 

You also don’t have to fear the weather as you don’t need to venture out to a physical marketplace. Also, in India, yard sales or garage sales are not so popular but are taking off only in a few cities.

In any case, you can get rid of old stuff and declutter your space in no time with second-hand selling sites. However, when selling online, you may get doubts that “Can I list all these items?” “Will there be any buyers?”

Old Items Make Your Home Cluttered

Most of the time, old items are valuable. They may trigger your memory of a bygone era, like that tattered Pachis or Pachisi game, ancient Indian Ludo, or the outdoor hammock-style jute jhula you used to swing in your village. Of course, these carry some sentimental value.

While all old items cannot go on the best platform to sell used items, you can remove some objects that aren’t beloved or souvenirs. For instance, you may receive glass or plastic containers as return gifts when you attend a function. They stay hidden in the attic because you can’t use them all daily.

They can also create a hoarding habit in you. If these items collect dust, it is a hassle to clean them regularly. So, listing them on 2nd-hand selling sites in India is a good way to go. 

Your trash could be the exact thing that someone wants. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 

What to List on the Best Platform to Sell Used Items?

Selling pre-owned items doesn’t just free up space but you can also earn extra income. 

So, here’s what you can advertise on a second-hand selling app India:

Cars and Bikes 

Any vehicle – cars, bikes, and even old bicycles can be listed on the best platform to sell used items. Also, if you don’t want to sell your vehicle outright, but want to make money on it, you could give it away on self-drive car rental on platforms like Aplify. This is one feature that you should check when exploring second-hand selling sites in India because it is rare to find such all-in-one apps. 


Outdated TV sets, AC units, kitchen gadgets, etc., if not in use, will rot quickly. Or, rats and other rodents can chew on the internal wiring and render them useless. You will then have to shell out thousands of rupees on repair services. Instead of that, why not just sell them?


Computers, laptops, smartphones, speakers, and other accessories need frequent upgrading. If you are a tech-savvy person, you have to stay updated. But you cannot just dump these things as their batteries are not safe for the environment. 

Rather, sell old electronics to someone in need at cheap rates. Or, if they are in tip-top shape, you can list them on the best platform to sell used items, Aplify and create an online auction. 

Fitness Equipment

If you are like most workaholics or daily commuters to work, then you may not find time to exercise. The home gym equipment you purchased, such as dumbbells, treadmill, or yoga mat could be sitting idle. Many health-conscious people are looking to get into better shape. You could downsize and help them achieve their ideal fitness levels.


Home décor, furniture, wardrobes, and related items can be posted on Aplify. If you have a four-poster bed that is in the family for generations, it may not suit today’s trends and is heavy. If your children want to upgrade it, sell the cot on the best app to sell used products in India

Real Estate

Selling property is made easy with Aplify’s filters. Simply add the details, locality, size, asking price, etc. Upload high-quality images so that prospective buyers can have an idea of what your house looks like. They can even reach out to you to learn more through the app’s chat feature.

Music Instruments

That old guitar you bought in your college days, which you rarely even look at, can go on to the best platform to sell used items. A novice learner who can’t afford branded music instruments can buy it. You are making money, helping others, and supporting artists in the process. So satisfying!


Smaller items like books, competitive exam materials, arts & crafts supplies, costumes, shoes, vintage items, fashion jewellery, etc., fetch you good returns. Do you remember the cricket or WWE player cards we used to buy in childhood? Those and other collectables like old magazines, comic book volumes, and first editions go for quite a good buck nowadays. 

Why Aplify?

In this section, you’ll learn why Aplify is the only second-hand selling app India that covers all your requirements. 

Firstly, whether you are an amateur seller or a power reseller, Aplify helps you reach all over India.

Secondly, you can post any number of ads on this free classifieds app until you sell your stuff. 

Thirdly, there are several categories of items to sell, including those mentioned above. 

Finally, Aplify is the best platform to sell used items in India because of these two unique benefits:

  1. KYC Verification: Users can add their identification details to get a verified tag so that there will be minimum chances of phishing. It will also keep other members’ data safe and secure.
  2. The Armed Forces Community: With utmost respect towards the Defence Forces, Aplify app has dedicated a special segment for the community. Users belonging to this group, veterans, in-service people, and their families, can interact with other profiles and settle deals.

Start Selling Instantly

Here’s how to make more income on the most credible app among second-hand selling sites in India

Post the products in auction-style sales. Create a bid for the listed item and have bidders offer you a better price through the online auction. Compare the offers and sell to the highest bidder.

Download the best platform to sell used items! Get started on Aplify now.

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