How to Get the Most Out of Free Classifieds Apps in India?

14 May, 2023 - Written by Aplify

How to Get the Most Out of Free Classifieds Apps in India?

If you live in India and want to sell or buy online, there is no doubt that free classifieds apps work like a charm. You spend nothing but, in turn, have everything to gain. So, what exactly are online shopping platforms?

Online shopping and e-commerce apps have become trailblazers in our modern world. Tech-savvy people, laypersons, and even those with nil knowledge about computers can easily buy and sell through their phones. Be it smaller needs like everyday groceries or large purchases like luxury fashion items, there is a perfect online marketplace for all things under the sun.

Digital Retail: A Transformation

Earlier, the e-commerce segment was available on the internet via web browsers, but now, there is no need to enter a site address and log in every time. With mobile applications dominating smartphones, you can just sign in once, and visit whenever you wish to buy or sell stuff. These “m-commerce” applications or free classifieds apps give you 24/7 access, discounts, special offers, and more. 

Besides, India’s best local shopping apps have no restrictions on the options you can choose. With multiple features and a wide range of products posted, our dependency on these apps has also increased. Especially during the pandemic, there was an unprecedented rise in their usage. You want milk? There is an app for that. Electronics? Of course. You can even buy international garment labels and diamond jewellery online. 

Customers crave this seamless digital retail experience, which is a faster and more convenient way than going to traditional stores. India, on par with global nations, has top classifieds apps.

However, among the sea of names that facilitate sale and purchase online, it is not so easy to find the best free online marketplace app.

Factors to Look for in a Free Classifieds App

Your ideal online shopping app must check all the below boxes:

Simple Registration

The first big reason for using a mobile app, as mentioned above, is the level of convenience it offers. Keeping this in mind, look for a free classifieds app where the sign-in process is simple. Your phone number or email id and an OTP verification should be enough. Make sure there are no lengthy steps when you log in later. 

Easy to Use

Here, we are talking about the UX/UI. In regular language, it means the app design, including site appearance and navigation. Imagine you are looking for the best deals on pre-owned items. Let us say, you need a table lamp in INR 2000, and you must be able to spot it easily. It falls under furniture, then décor items, used/new, price, etc. If the categories are not clear, you will not get a hassle-free experience.

Purchase and Pricing Options

Needless to say, you are looking to get the most value, whether you are the buyer or seller. Particularly if you are keen on using an app with free ad postings, this is highly crucial. Hence, see that the best app to buy and sell locally allows you to list the price you wish for your products. This is why a fast growing app to sell used items will have more customers if it has online bids. Buyers can also choose the items they want at cheap rates or participate in e-auctions.

Huge Collection

Just because it is a free classifieds app, it doesn’t mean you should compromise on the variety. If you are a buyer, you want plenty of items to choose from. In the same way, a seller would like to select with whom they can close a deal. In short, there should be a huge collection of products for an interface to be the perfect online marketplace. From clothes to computers, bikes and cars to ACs, and houses to home furnishings, it should have everything. 

Instant Chat Feature

When you make online transactions, there might be a slight suspicion about the things you buy. Are the items genuine? Do they still work? And so on. For sellers, too, the risk can be higher because scammers might skimp on the payment. Hence, the best free online marketplace app makes a chat option available to all users. Through this, members can interact, negotiate the price, schedule a meet-up if close by, and finalise the payment mode. 

Excellent Customer Service 

Last on this list, but definitely with the same weightage, you have the customer support team. Perhaps you have a problem logging in or creating an ad. Then it should be resolved in around 24 hours. In a top classifieds app, you will see speedy responses from customer service. This is not only a big incentive for users because their issues will be handled soon but also, the app will become more credible and trustworthy.  

How to Buy or Sell Locally and Make Profits Online for Free?

One advantage of using a free classifieds app is that you don’t invest money out of your pocket. When you sell a product, you create a straightforward ad and post it for no charge. You get offers and calls, based on which you can decide which deal to close. Likewise, the best app to buy and sell locally should also support buyers in a way that they find vetted members.

Here is where KYC verification comes into play. ID verification of registered users will negate, or to the most extent, reduce the chances of spam and phishing. Top classifieds apps in India, like Aplify, have this benefit. 

This perfect online marketplace also enables user chat, which means you can have a private conversation with the interested parties and come to mutually agreeable pricing and terms. 

Below are some tips for beginners on how to make a profitable deal on used products through the free classifieds app, Aplify:

For Buyers

  1. Create your account. 
  2. Start browsing for items by setting the right filters.
  3. Make an offer for the stuff you like. 
  4. Chat with verified users.
  5. Negotiate the price and make the purchase.
  6. Pay in cash or online.

For Sellers

  1. Sign up or register with your details.
  2. Take high-quality pictures of the items you sell.
  3. Add an honest description.
  4. Mark a reasonable price.
  5. Select the right categories and subcategories.
  6. Post your free ad.
  7. Get interests and choose verified members.
  8. Chat with the opposite parties.
  9. Finalise the deal.
  10. Keep relevant valid documents, like warranty, ready.

Create a Bid

In addition, sellers can turn their ads into auctions on this free classifieds app

  1. Follow the above steps.
  2. Instead of post an ad, choose create a bid.
  3. Get multiple offers, one topping the other.
  4. Choose the highest price among the offers.
  5. Get chatting with them and close the deal.
  6. Make massive profits on India’s best local shopping app!

Use Aplify for the Best Deals in Online Shopping

Aplify lists the best deals on pre-owned items. Moreover, it is an all-in-one app that caters to your every need. 

It has 

Carpooling – It ensures a smooth, worry-free, and efficient commute to and from your office.

Online Auctions – Get the maximum price you can for every piece you sell.

KYC-Verification – Enjoy the utmost security in dealing with vetted and verified profiles.

No-Cost E-Classifieds – Aplify is a free classifieds app where you can buy or sell things at zero expenditure from your end. 

In-App Chat – Talk to your heart’s content with registered buyers and sellers before your transactions.

Varied Collection – From house rent or sale ads to business listings, hotel bookings to self-drive cars, and second-hand market to job postings, you will find it all on Aplify. 

We have saved the biggest and unique aspect of this fast growing app to sell used items for the last. Aplify has an exclusive module for the Armed Forces, which is dedicated to military and paramilitary personnel, in-service and retired staff, and their families. Members can bond within the community, make deals, and hire essential service professionals. 

With such a long list of benefits, Aplify is truly a free classifieds app that you need to try today.

Download now!

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