Best e-Platform for Armed Forces in India? Aplify

27 Jul, 2022 - Written by Aplify

Best e-Platform for Armed Forces in India? Aplify

E-platforms that answer all your requirements have gained popularity post-pandemic, and yet there is no online community that promotes interaction and transactions with and between the members of the Indian troops and their families.

Therefore, it makes the existence of a tailored platform that is designed for their day-to-day needs all the more crucial.

How does Aplify Become the One-Stop Solution?

In the digital era, selling accessibility has been the topmost priority for many service providers. A reliable interface will not only aim to save you time but will also push forth the importance of user convenience. It becomes all the more necessary when it comes to serving our selfless heroes with top-notch services.

This is why we bring you Aplify as the one-stop solution to your every problem!

In What Way Does Aplify Ensure your Benefits?

Our app avails you of a one-of-a-kind feature called Armed Forces, a community dedicated to serving the security forces personnel and their family members, both serving and retired.

Just like other users, members of this community can access all the existing features such as posting/viewing ads, carpooling, etc. Aplify also allows inter-community transactions, where you can filter out and connect with the registered members of the Armed Forces.

Aplify also promotes authenticity when it comes to transactions. Therefore, we make it mandatory to go through a KYC verification process to build your trust and establish rapport within the community as its verified member for secure settlements.

Aplify and its Features

Our app brings you a unique platform for all your B2C and C2C transactions. It is designed exclusively to simplify buying and selling in a convenient and hassle-free manner.

So, what are its features that a user can look forward to?

  • E-classifieds - Aplify brings you user-friendly classifieds feature to post and view ads that are easy to use and recognize.
  • Bids - our app also enables a secure platform for online auctions. Get your deals with the best quotes in quick sessions!
  • Carpooling - we have prioritized our user’s convenience to the highest pedestal and brought about a carpool feature to manage your fuel expenditure and prevent health hazards.
  • Armed Forces - we bring you our unique community feature ‘Armed Forces’ that aims to dedicate its service to security forces personnel and their families, both serving and retired. 

The users belonging to this community can access all the features and best offers and deals on the ads posted as well as avail their service within the community.

  • Aplify has a PAN India reach. We deliver an excellent nationwide service for every citizen. 
Upcoming Features

Our primary motivation is to make this community big and helpful to its members. We understand the nature of the occupation and therefore ensure optimum packers and movers services in our future updates for convenient postings and transfers.

Here are some other key features that will also be added in our upcoming builds-

  • Matrimonial packages.
  • RWA solutions and domestic help.
  • Coupons and rewards, etc.

To top it all off, we also plan to tie up with numerous hotels and corporate chains to enable attractive offers and rewards.

The best part about the Aplify app is that we have an ongoing introductory offer to post unlimited ads FREE of cost. Hurry and download our app for these best-in-class services with amazing offers and deals.

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