What is the Best Carpool App for Your Rides?

19 Jul, 2022 - Written by Aplify

What is the Best Carpool App for Your Rides?

Driving with a company is always better than driving alone. Sharing a car ride with someone does not only ensure fun and hilarity but also saves you a lot of money and resources. Car-sharing is slowly gaining recognition as a convenient way of commutation.

With the hike in fuel prices and never-ending heatwaves, carpooling has become a trendy alternative for many travel junkies and corporate transportation. So, let’s explore the utility of this popular service?

What is Carpooling Anyway?

Carpool or car-sharing is when people combine their rides for their respective destinations on the same route and split their costs. Sounds highly economical, right?

Using carpool apps in India is the need of the hour, as it paves the way for a healthy practice of protecting the environment.

The benefits don’t stop here. It monumentally reduces your fuel charges, and if you happen to travel for vacation, then your toll charges as well. Most of all, you are making good use of every seat of your car!

Its positive impact on the environment

Carpool services in India have strived to pick their stance to protect the environment. By curbing the carbon emissions released in the air, car-sharing apps have endeavored to create a healthy surrounding for fresh, breathable air.

Not only this, it has found the solution for the most stress-inducing predicament of every major city—traffic. It is an effective strategy to reduce traffic congestion.

The fuel price hike has also been a menace to many people. Commuting with a single car promises a tremendous decrease in fuel costs and efficiency. Therefore, it is the best practice one can adopt!

Does it come with any limitations?

A sense of apprehension noticeably surrounds this ‘pool mechanism’. Does it guarantee your safety? What about hygiene?

Rest assured, it does not pose a problem in this day and age. Cab services like Uber and OLA have also introduced hygiene within the cabs with verified drivers. Many people have happily accepted and found utility in this service.

Carpooling works in the same way. It will effectively showcase your claims with our verified feature and your top-notch service. And the best app that will avail you of this? Consider Aplify!

How is Aplify The Best Carpooling Platform?

Aplify’s carpool service is the best-in-class feature devoted to its users. With the pandemic lurking around the corner, we recognize the importance of healthy and hygienic surroundings in your daily commute.

Our app has built its platform in such a way to ascertain maximum savings and verified users to our carpool community.

With our PAN India reach, you can plan your vacations to any city without any inconvenience! We also dedicate our platform to Indian Armed Forces members, a one-of-a-kind feature for defence personnel and their families. Feel free to extend your service to our nation’s heroes!

Accessing security and convenience has never been this easy. Aplify aims to maintain this authenticity with its unique features and attractive offers. Download our app to take the first step towards a cleaner and greener environment.

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