How Can I Get A Discount On A Carpool Ride?

14 Sep, 2022 - Written by Aplify

How Can I Get A Discount On A Carpool Ride?

Aplify platform has turned the digital dream of carpooling into a reality. It offers carpooling services that are affordable and easy to book. Aplify also offers car coupons and offers for first-time users and ladies. You can get discounts on carpool rides offered by Aplify to make your trips cheaper. Here is how you can plan your Aplify carpool ride and get the best offers for you:

Steps to plan your ride:

  • Download Aplify app and make an account.
  • Now sign in and go to the carpool option
  • Filter out the best routes for your location using the carpool option
  • If you are a first-time user, you can use the car first-ride offer and apply it before booking.
  • If you are a woman, you can use special ladies ride offers and apply them to get a discount on your carpool ride.
  • Once you book it, you will get all the carpool booking details.

Aplify has the following carpool features:

  • You can reserve a carpool for your loved ones.
  • Our app encourages payment after the pool trip is over and enables a secure transaction.
  • You have the choice to accept or reject any carpool proposals.
  • You can communicate with the author in case of a query through the chat option.
  • You can cancel the pool within the time limit.

All our members are verified, so you can expect to save a carpool ride with Aplify. What are you waiting for book your next ride with Aplify’s carpool service now!

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