What to check when Buying Second Hand Bike?

30 Aug, 2022 - Written by Aplify

What to check when Buying Second Hand Bike?

Purchasing a second-hand bike can be a wonderful alternative if you have limited budget. Decide what you want and know what to look for in the bike before you buy the one. Choose the bike that is suitable for your requirement. Use the internet for research or speak to specialists. Once you choose the bike, you need to check it

Here is the checklist you can go through before buying the bike

Check the bike: Look for dents, scratches, fluid leaks, worn-out tyres, and paint. Verify the body's overall exterior. Pay close attention to any dents. As long as they are not too deep, scratches are acceptable.

  • Brakes: Drum brakes are typically seen on old bikes. Therefore, test the brakes before deciding whether to replace or keep them. Perhaps even service would be suggested.
  • Service history: Ask the owner how frequently and for what reasons the aforementioned bike has been serviced.
  • Check the bikes VIN: VIN is a special serial number that is used to legally identify a vehicle. The VIN is typically stamped onto the steering neck portion of the frame, directly behind the headlamp, on bikes. Verify that this number corresponds to the number on the official title by comparing them.
  • Check other parts: Headlight bulbs, turn signals, and tail lights all need to be functional and sufficiently bright. Replace the bulbs if necessary.
  • Check the bike’s paper: Examine the paperwork, including the registration certificate, bike insurance, pollution certificate, original invoice, and extended
    warranty (if any).
  • Test drive: Take a short ride to see how fast it goes, how much fuel it uses, and whether you like how it performs.
  • Request a thorough check from a local mechanic: Even if you have decided to purchase your used bike from a verified user of Aplify, it is advisable to
    have it inspected by a professional before entering into any kind of agreement.

If you choose a used bike and are not a technician yourself, make sure to take it to your neighbourhood bike shop for inspection. Once you like it, get proper documentation done and change the name of the owner in the ownership and insurance papers too.

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