What are the Best Mobile Apps for Job Search?

22 Jul, 2022 - Written by Aplify

What are the Best Mobile Apps for Job Search?

With the clouds of unemployment hovering over our country, securing interests and safety has become the prime concern for many people—especially when searching for jobs.

These changing times have also shifted the paradigm for finding employment. Gone are the days of newspaper classifieds and desktop websites. With every service within your palm, job-seeking is now a convenient and widely accessible affair with the emergence of brilliant apps.

So, which app is the best for a job search in India in 2022?

How did Apps Become a Dependable Avenue in the First Place?

According to a survey, almost 60% of Indian professionals are looking for an employment change due to COVID-19. This figure suggests that people desire to change professions to upskill and further their careers with the gaining recognition of remote working. In return, this has necessitated the need for platforms to achieve the same.

What are the Best Mobile Apps for Job Search? 

Forget the same old query of ‘which are the best job sites in India’. Job-seeking apps have emerged to create a bridge between you and recruiters while ensuring your convenience and security, along with accessibility. 

And we intend to strengthen that bridge with our unique platform Aplify!

Does Aplify Answer your Concerns?

Certainly! Our app is an ideal destination for catering to every user’s needs. We promote a model that is easy to use and navigate, thereby facilitating an ergonomic interface for endless job opportunities.

Here are Some of its Features—

â—‹ E-classifieds - Aplify enables a category solely dedicated to posting and viewing ads, where users can buy or sell their services. Hence, a recruiter or an employer can post their job offers in the same way applicants can look for these opportunities. 

And the best part about it? You can post unlimited ads here—all FREE of cost!

â—‹ Other services - our app promotes active income as much as passive income. With the categories such as rentals, real estate, costumes, fitness, and so many more, we aim to avail a platform where job seekers can showcase and promote their services.
â—‹ Nation-wide reach - Aplify intends to extend its availability to every part of India and reach every individual with countless job opportunities. We also offer a user-friendly interface designed to be easily navigated by every citizen of our country.

Special Feature

Our app is the first platform ever to build ‘Armed Forces’, a unique community feature developed especially for the members and families of the Indian Armed Forces, both serving and retired. 

This exclusive feature allows you to post and view ads and help employers in interaction and recruitment with the best offers and deals.

Aplify is committed to providing the most secure transactions while encountering minimal inconvenience. Download our appand never miss out on exciting offers!

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