How Do You Sell A Car Of A Deceased Person In India?

17 Oct, 2022 - Written by Aplify

How Do You Sell A Car Of A Deceased Person In India?

Selling a car is a difficult task, and when it is of a deceased person, the efforts multiply. It requires a lot of effort that needs to be put to get all the formalities fulfilled and get a fair deal out of it.

A car has the title of its owner- RC, Insurance, Loans and many legal formalities surrounding it that make it almost difficult to sell. So one should know how to get all the formalities right and have a platform to sell second-hand cars at a fair price. One such platform at your aid is Aplify - to sell your old cars at a better price. Let's see How to Sell A Car Of A Deceased Person smoothly. A Comprehensive Guide To Sell The Car Of A Deceased Person

To sell a deceased person used car, you must keep in mind the following legal formalities. Let's see what they are.

Get The Papers Right

Get all the papers in order. After the demise, the car of a deceased person is without any owner. The legal documents are not in anyone's name now after the death. So it is better to collect all the papers in consideration with the car to see what all needs to be changed to make a sale deed.

Transfer The RC Or Title

The RC is the most vital document of the car- you need to get the RC and the title transferred to the legal heir of the car or any other legal successor to sell the vehicle. The car practically needs a new owner to be sold. You can also get a legal transfer document from court to ease the sale.

Cleared Of Loan Or Other Liabilities

Another essential thing to check is that the car should be free from all legal finances, loans, and liabilities. If a vehicle is hypothecated- under a loan from any financer or bank, it can't be sold without paying all the loan amount and getting an NOC for the same.

Get The Car In Sellable Condition

Get your car in a well-maintained and speckless repaired condition if you want a fair deal. No one would buy a car with dents and one in bad shape.

After completing all the formalities, you can sell the car through the used car selling app.

How to Sell A Car Of A Deceased Person?

To sell your car for a better price, you are advised to keep your used car selling app handy. All you need to do is to:

  • Download Aplify.
  • Create your valid and verified account in the app by providing all your credentials.
  • Take a picture of your car along with all the papers ready and in order.
  • Create a bid for your vehicle by - post an ad or create a bid through the e-auction option on the app
  • After you post the ad or bid, you will start getting queries and interested buyers offering fair price bids.
  • You can chat through and finalize the deall.

With Aplify you can rest assured of all your worries about selling the car at a fair price. So you can quickly sell the car of a deceased close one through the app and get the best deal by understanding all the requirements for the process.


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