How Do I Find Out The Value Of Furniture?

17 Oct, 2022 - Written by Aplify

How Do I Find Out The Value Of Furniture?

Rightly pricing does half of the work for it. Well-priced furniture sells quickly and brings assured income. It is easy to sell your furniture online if you have the right app. But before coming to it first, it is vital to understand what price should be earned for your old table, chair, bed, armchair and more.

You can sell your old furniture through Aplify and price your furniture at a fair and lucrative price by following a furniture valuation website, home decor journals, consulting furniture dealers and online e-commerce sites that aid in selling refurbished items.

You can also evaluate the same through Aplify by comparing the rates others put out for their furniture. Let's see other ways to know how you can get an apt price for all the pieces of furniture you want to sell and get rid of for some quick money.

Best Free Online Furniture Valuation Site

You must determine its pricing process to sell a furniture piece at the best price. If you price it too high to be justifiable, it won't sell. Similarly, if you price it too low, it will be a losing deal. So what to do? Let' s consider the following ways through which you can finalize a fair price for your furniture.

Determine The Years Of Usage

While setting the price, understand how old your furniture is. You can sell it for around its purchasing price only if it's a new one. But if it's an old one, it may be required to be priced according to the depreciation and damages it has gone through.

Evaluate The Bills And The Change In The Market Pricing

You can also look through the original bills at the purchase time and evaluate the market price change. A coffee table two years back may have a different price now. Also, the material and make of the furniture play an important role in pricing.

Understand The Condition Of The Furniture

It is essential to understand and analyze the condition of your furniture. If it has surpassed the repair possibility, expecting much out of it is out of the question. But you may get a fair deal if you have maintained it well.

Know The Depreciation Rate

The depreciation rate of the furniture may play an essential role in determining the furniture price. If you sell furniture under the assets category, you may price it according to the depreciation rate. Let's see what the depreciation rate of furniture is and how to calculate it.

How To Calculate Home Furniture Depreciation Rate?

The furniture depreciation under the income tax act is 10%. But you want to go easy; you can charge a 5-10% depreciation rate for your home furniture every year. This will ease the process and can make your sale lucrative.

Setting the selling price of the furniture solely depends on you, but as you wish to get money out of it, you need to be cautious while pricing it. Aplify will help you get a platform to sell it after you've set a price and can ensure you
get a fair deal.


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